Cold Temperature Impact PC-Si Copolymer

Star Plastics specializes in creating unique products based on customers’ color requirements.

Star Plastics’ Cold Temperature Impact Modified PC-Si Copolymer material with extreme low temperature ductility combined with excellent processability, to serve applications in the outdoor electronics market.

This innovative polycarbonate-siloxane copolymer is UL-recognized, REACH and RoHS compliant, and provides superior impact when compared to general-purpose PC at temperatures of -40°C. Additionally, the improved flow of this material results in less stress in complex molded components, adding to the overall part performance. This material comes in high and low flow options, is available in custom colors, and is recyclable.

Special Properties

  • Impact-Modified to Maintain Properties at -40°C
  • Elevated RTI’s & UL Recognition
  • V0/5VA FR and UV Protection
  • Non-Chlorinated, Non-Brominated
  • Superb Dimensional Stability
  • REACH & RoHS Compliant

Ideal for Outdoor Electrical Applications

Outdoor electrical equipment must be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions of all four seasons–choosing the right material for the enclosure makes this possible.

This PC-Si Copolymer is well-suited for applications such as: 5G Market Products (radomes), Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Solar Panels, Battery Boxes, Instrument Panel Cases, and other outdoor electrical components and enclosures.

Material Grades

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