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Below is a list of our products, along with their Technical Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, UL Cards, and REACH and RoHS Compliance Documents. Click the respective icon to download the product’s specific information.

11 Products

ReStart PCABSFR6401

UL-Recognized PCABSFR with 35% Certified Recycled Content Materials

StarPrime ABS448T

General Purpose ABS, High Gloss, with UV and HB(1.5mm)

StarPrime ABS450FR

RoHS Compliant V0 & 5VA, FR ABS with Good Gloss

StarPrime PC8002

Low Melt Grade PCFR with UV, RoHS Compliant

ReStart PC7303 (f1)

50% Recycled Content, All Colors but Clear, FR, UV and R

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