100 Percent Accuracy – Star’s Mark of Perfection

What makes a good resin partner? While shared goals and open communication are vital to the success of any business partnership, ultimately, the most critical quality is trust. Building trust requires a track record of dependability – providing quality resin materials on time.

A Partner to Depend On

At Star Plastics, being your custom compound specialist means that we deliver high-quality, dependable compounds. We also offer tolling services to bring that same quality to your owned products. Recently, our Millwood manufacturing team displayed the level of dependability we provide by achieving a 100% accuracy score on their 2020 Annual Performance Review with one of our biggest contract tolling customers! We do not take this lightly, as this is a tremendous accomplishment for the Millwood manufacturing team. This achievement proves that the Star Plastics process produces consistent quality, no matter the product or service offered. 

12 Months of Tolling Accuracy

Throughout the year, this customer tracks several measurables related to their programs with us. These measurables include cycle count, customer complaints, response times, safety, on-time delivery and inventory accuracy.

“In a typical year, we typically have a few months with perfect scores or a particular category with perfect scores,” said Luke Schindler, Director of Business Development at Star Plastics. “But this is the first year where Star’s Millwood manufacturing team achieved a perfect score in all 12 categories for the entire year!”

This achievement is rare across the industry. When asking our colleague at the company, who has over 35 years in the plastics industry, he could not recall ever seeing a tolling service provider achieve a perfect score in every department for 12 consecutive months.

How We Accomplished This

We know it takes hard work and attention to detail to reach perfection. At Star Plastics, we are always happy to highlight the incredible people behind the company, responsible for helping us provide a dependable product. Star Plastics is thankful to have Lora Cremeans and Dwaine Mayes, who guided the manufacturing team in this accomplishment.

“Lora and Dwaine worked hard to guide our team towards perfection – their efforts and attention to detail set the bar to the highest standard for the entire manufacturing team,” said Schindler. “Congratulations to the Millwood location for achieving a perfect score from one of our biggest tolling customers!”

Lora and Dwaine put special effort into accounting for everything that they used. They also helped prepare and stage the material upfront to ensure the operators had everything they need going into the line, setting their whole team up for success. 

Why this Perfection Matters

We are thrilled about this outcome! The effects of a perfect score deliver more than consistent quality – it provides peace of mind for our customers. The achievement also puts Star Plastics in a strong position for new future projects with this customer – we have the track record to prove our success.

At Star Plastics, we understand that in these times, in addition to the ongoing resin shortages, having a loyal, focused partner is vital to overcoming the current challenges of the industry. 

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