Specialty Polymers

At Star Plastics we’re experts at creating custom specialty polymers.

Our experienced, dependable team has the ability to engineer materials specifically designed for your unique specialty polymer application along with all of your plastic compounding needs.

The Star technology team works directly with you on products’ application and testing requirements to best understand the unique performance properties needed by the plastic material. We work with you on every level in order to create the custom compound you need.

View Case Studies on recent Specialty Materials from Star Plastics:

Cold Temp Impact PC-Siloxane Unique Light-Transparency PC

Looking for a custom formulated material? We can help with that too!

Latest News

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May 24, 2023
Plastics Innovation Accelerating E-Mobility Design Solutions

At ChinaPlas 2023 last month, we continued to observe that one of the trends driving opportunity for innovation in the plastics industry is electric vehicle adoption. Across...

April 20, 2023
UL Environment Certification: Investing in Sustainable Solutions for Our Customers

This year, the focus of Earth Day is on investing in our planet and sustainable systems for a cleaner, more efficient world. One way that Star Plastics is helping our customers...

January 18, 2023
Our New Brand Pillars

Why Star Plastics Is Star Plastics Today marks an important milestone for Star Plastics – and, we believe, for our customers. We unveiled our new brand identities for our...

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