Your Custom Compound Specialist

With accomplished full service laboratories to develop, test, and formulate custom plastic compounds, Star Plastics offers high quality custom color compounding {known for lot-to-lot consistency}, tolling, sourcing and supplying polymers.


Your Partner for Sustainable Business

To help our customers reach their environmental goals, we provide various polymer grades with reliable, certified recycled content classifications and percentages, including pre-consumer, post-Consumer, ITE, and ocean-bound. With manufacturing capabilities in North America and Asia, we offer custom-engineered solutions globally.


New reNova and Orion Product Lines

Our newly rebranded product lines offer the best of custom-engineered specialty solutions and recycled-content for high-performance applications. We bring together three decades of processing experience and a broad polymer offering in products that enhance the performance, design and functionality of applications

Product Line Rebrand

Your Source for Tolling Services

We focus on supporting our customers who need to make modifications to their material through many plastic services including toll processing.


Your Trusted Source
for Nylon 6 and 66 Products

You can count on Star Plastics for reliable nylon materials, in both nylon 6 and nylon 66. We have nylon products in both our Orion® engineering resins and reNova® recycled resins product lines.

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Comprehensive Capabilities

Star Plastics® is a dependable compounder of engineering-grade thermoplastics headquartered in Ravenswood, West Virginia, but with facilities around the world. We are a full-service plastics company known for custom color accuracy, UL-recognized products, and the ability to produce batches of any size. No job is too big or too small!

Plastic Compounding

From specialty color to unique performance & UL requirements, our knowledgeable staff works with you to design the ideal material for your application. Our focus is in ABS, Polycarbonates, & Polycarbonate Alloys.

Tolling Services

Star is your one-stop shop for all toll compounding and plastic processing needs. With over 30 years of tolling experience and a technically robust facility, we’re here to take your material to the next level.

Polymer Sourcing

Polymervault, the material marketing division of Star Plastics™, is dedicated to sourcing and supplying a variety of materials to the market. Resins of any grade or form are available.


The Star Plastics Difference

Custom Compound

With accomplished full-service laboratories to develop, test, and formulate custom plastic compounds, Star Plastics offers high-quality custom color compounding (known for lot-to-lot consistency), tolling services, and polymer sourcing.

Real Time In-Process Monitoring

Star Plastics ensures that quality is met with thorough in-process monitoring. We create material that requires minimal changes in all physical properties, color, and flame retardancy, with Star team members monitoring these properties throughout the entire run.

High-Quality, High- Performance Materials

We’ve averaged a material satisfaction rate of 98.6% over the past three years, and our lab and manufacturing team leaders meet weekly to discuss continuous ways to improve. In an ever-changing market, our dedication to quality gives us a competitive advantage.

On-Site Analytical
Lab Testing

Our on-site lab allows for quick, accurate testing that we stand behind. We analyze inbound feedstocks, test material during production, and verify the finished product before it is released for shipment. At Star, thorough testing is key to our success.

Quality & Consistency

  • Quality & Consistency

    Our full-service, on-site lab delivers quick and accurate testing that results in industry-leading satisfaction levels.

  • Quality Testing

    Professional and precise testing is the basis of our past success and indicative of our future growth.

  • Consistent Products

    Rigorous in-process testing and a continuous improvement mindset ensure we deliver a consistent, high-quality product every time.

  • Sustainable Business

    We offer up to 100% recycled-content materials, optimizing plastic to meet your environmental goals and prevent further pollution of the ocean and overcrowding of landfills.


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