Sustainable Business

Our Sustainability Journey at Star Plastics

At Star Plastics, our company’s roots are in sustainability. we were founded in 1988 as a post-industrial recycling company. Today, environmental sustainability is embedded in how we do business, and we are committed to using our expertise to deliver recycled-content polymer solutions that perform better for our customers and for the planet. At the same time, we are committed to addressing environmental and societal challenges in ways that bring value to our customers, employees, suppliers, communities, business and the planet.

Our Areas of Focus

Our sustainability strategy is built upon the strength of three foundational pillars: resource efficient operations, partnering for more sustainable products and process, and thriving communities. These pillars represent where we can make the biggest difference for the planet, our stakeholders and our business.

Resource Efficient Operations

Making efficient use of natural resources and focusing on continuous improvement.

Partnering for More Sustainable Products and Process

Delivering sustainable and best-in-class product and technology solutions to our customers.


Supporting our employees and the places where we live and work.

Find Your Sustainable Solution

Following the cycle of the circular economy, plastics can be fully re-utilized for sustainable and long-lasting applications and outcomes. We collaborate with plastics OEMs and product manufacturers to create new products and convert PCR and OBP into consistently high-quality compounded materials. Over 300 are even certified by UL for their recycled content and environmental impact.

We believe plastic is a resource, not a problem. Our goal is to optimize plastic in a way that prevents it from ending up in oceans and landfills. Contact us today to find the perfect recycled-content product for your application.

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Recycled Products

From pre-and post-consumer recycled content to ITE and ocean-bound plastics, we offer up to 100% recycled-content materials with features including high melt, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and transparency.

Our History in PCR

From our first recycled material production line in China in 2007 to our official launch of a PCABS material with ocean-bound plastics for a top-tier OEM in 2019, we continue providing high-end PCR products to new markets and industries.

Applications and Markets

Our sustainable product offer is ideal for applications in the E/E market, automotive market, and various packaging applications. Our certified PCR and ULE recognition proves our dedication to materials that work.