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Polymer Sourcing & Supply

Star Plastics’ polymer sourcing & supplying division is represented via PolymerVault: a business unit dedicated to sourcing and supplying various polymers to the marketplace. PolymerVault grants access to the best and most reliable value-added materials, including styrenics, commodity, and engineering grade plastics.

Polymer Sourcing & Supply

Whether it’s prime, wide-spec, polymer blends, regrind, or additives – the PolymerVault team has the experience and market know-how to put all levels of feedstock on the table. Our material is homogenized within lots, processed, evaluated, tested, and cleaned. We offer Alloys, Polycarbonates, ABS, PCABS, ASA, HIPS, PCPBT, Polycarbonate Alloys, commodity resins, and much more.

As a compounder’s partner, PolymerVault sells millions of pounds of their materials to plastic compounders. Supplying feedstocks and manufacturing custom compounds helps other businesses grow their bottom line.

Products offered through PolymerVault are updated multiple times per week.

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