Nylon 6 and nylon 66

Your Trusted Source for Injection Grade Nylons

You can count on Star Plastics for reliable nylon materials, both nylon 6 and nylon 66. Our strength in nylon comes from our high quality raw material procurement and is supported by our analytical labs, stringent quality requirements, processability and performance.

We have nylon products in both our Orion® engineering resins and reNova® recycled resins product lines.

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Orion® Engineering Resins

  • Orion® engineering resins result from Star’s nylon processing expertise
    • Wear resistance
    • Chemical resistance
    • Strength and durability
    • Custom compounded for superior processability

Glass filled nylons up to 50%

  • Substantially stronger and more rigid
  • Substantially lower thermal expansion rate
  • Increased stability when exposed to temperature fluctuations

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  • UL validated reNova® recycled resins
    • 3rd party validation to put your mind at ease
    • Recycled nylons available from 5-100%
    • Put Star’s 35 years of recycling experience to work for you


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