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Plastics Market Update: June

As summer chugs along, price increases, shortages, and logistics issues continue to trouble the plastics industry and related markets. With the late-summer preparations for the holiday season quickly approaching, along with semiconductors allowing the automotive...

Star Guide: Amorphous vs Semi-Crystalline Polymers

Know Your Polymer Options Whether it is simply choosing a restaurant to go to or selecting the most suitable resin material for a manufacturing application, having options is critical. In the current market, plastic resins, especially high-volume resins, have seen a...

May Plastics Market Update 2021

  In May, we saw more of the same. Demand was still incredibly strong, and price increases continued across nearly all resins. Production has not returned to normal levels and remains inconsistent. ABS, PC and Nylon in North America are sold out through 2021....
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