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February 2022 Plastics Market Update

Just as the story of the plastics industry in 2020 (and the world) was COVID-19, and 2021 was of the resin shortage – we believe 2022 will be the year of the pigment and additive shortage. Otherwise, the market has not changed. Resin costs are still inflated, and lead...

October Market Update 2021

Material prices continue to steadily climb while the supply-demand ratio remains tight. The market is experiencing strong demand above 2019 levels, with large order backlogs and inventory deficiencies. Logistics issues of costly containers and congestion are still...

September Plastics Market Update

Hurricane Ida, which made landfall on Aug 29, topped the news cycle this month, affecting production of ethylene, butadiene, benzene, styrene and parazylene. Prices continued to heat up for virgin resin, with recycled material prices also joining the rise.  Then we...
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