New Light Transmittance Value Product Developed

Star Plastics recently developed a compounded product that achieves 85% Light Transmittance values, adding a new option to our ever-growing product offering. Our customer needed a prime-alternative, custom compounded material that met all of their application requirements, while also having specific light transmittance and haze values equivalent to that of a prime material.

Haze and Transmittance, UL test D1003, refers to the percent of incident light that is able to pass through a material. The higher the transmittance value, the more transparent the material is. Haze refers to the percent of transmitted light that is scattered more than 2.5 degrees; materials with large haze values are considered diffusing materials.

Light Transmittance and Haze values are important indicators of a material’s clarity, or lack there of, depending on an application’s practical use. When the Light Transmittance value increases (and Haze values decrease), the amount of light transmission through the material increases. These higher Light Transmittance values make the material well suited for lenses in various flashlight or LED applications, or more specific applications such as security camera lenses that may require clearer pictures for proper performance.

Need a custom compounded material? Let us help! Our team is made up of knowledgeable sales staff and lab experts with more than 100 years of combined experience in creating solutions for specific material performance needs.