Star Plastics Ends 2017 with 4 Years of Safe Days!

RAVENSWOOD, WV– At the end of November 2017, Star Plastics, Inc. celebrated the achievement of 4 years without a lost-time accident in manufacturing.

Star emphasizes the safety of their employees; they believe high quality products and customer satisfaction is only attainable with high safety standards. “The people at Star Plastics are the most important and valuable asset to this company,” says Doug Ritchie, President of Star Plastics. “Every employee plays a key role in our safety and in our success.”

Star shows dedication to raising safety standards throughout the company. Their management team consistently looks for ways to improve — through implementing plans and practices internally to catch occurrences before they happen, and by looking for areas of equipment and process improvements as preventative measures. Employees participate in safety trainings regularly to ensure that it remains in the top of their minds.

In celebrating the occasion, the leadership team made breakfast for the entire plant, and each associate is to receive a branded jacket to mark the achievement.

And they are on trend—Manufacturing Private Industry experienced statistically significant declines in the rate of occupational injuries and illnesses in 2016. Private industry employers reported nearly 48,500 fewer nonfatal injury and illness cases in 2016 compared to 2015 [according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics recent report of Employer Reported Workplace Injuries and Illnesses 2016].

Star plans on continuing this focus on workplace safety, and growing the record far into the future.