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Star Plastics Receives Third Party Validation for Nylon reNova Recycled-Content Resins

Ravenswood, West Virginia – February 1, 2024 – Star Plastics, an industry leading custom compounder of engineering-grade thermoplastics, recently received third party validation of their reNova® recycled-content resins for nylon 6 and nylon 66. The validation was conducted by Underwriters Laboratories

“We’re proud to attain this level of validation for our recycled nylon products,” said Bob Powers,technical manager for Star. “Customers can count on the fact that their resins contain the percentage of recycled content they ordered. These products are a great way to enhance companies’ sustainability goals.”

The nylon polymer range can be glass filled at different percentages for superior tensile strength, wear resistance, and dimensional stability. Glass can also improve resistance to heat, impact, and chemicals. “We’re excited that the reNova nylon products have received this important validation,” said Chuck Hoop, business director for Star.” Just like our reNova products for PC, ABS, and blends, the nylon products improve our customer’s circularity, keeping the recycled product from entering a landfill and repurposing the material for another application.”

UL audits these products annually and every three years, they perform an onsite inspection at Star’s manufacturing plants. After the annual review, UL generates an updated report that’s posted to the UL environment database.

Star can create recycled materials in any percentage desired by the customer, from 5-100%. Validated nylon products include nylon 6 at 25, 50, 75 and 100% recycled, and nylon 66 at the same percentages, which covers all other percentages for this product family.

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About Star Plastics – Star Plastics® creates custom compounds for engineering-grade thermoplastics with special emphasis on recycled and UL-approved materials. Its Orion® engineered resins are made from prime materials and offer high-performance, custom design and functionality such as UV protection, flame retardants and custom color. Its reNova® line of recycled-content resins, including third-party validated materials, helps customers meet their sustainability goals. The company serves a variety of industries including consumer electronics, electrical, lighting, appliances transportation, packaging, furniture, industrial and telecommunications. The company maintains plants in Ravenswood and Millwood, West Virginia with manufacturing worldwide.

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