Star’s Color Matching System: More than Meets the Eye

RAVENSWOOD, WV — Color matching is our specialty at Star Plastics and a strength our team takes pride in. From a bird’s eye view, the process is quick and efficient: A team member receives the request for a match from a customer (in the form of a part, chip, pellets, Pantone number, etc.), which is entered into Star’s system. The system matches the color, and the sample is sent out for approval. Overall this process takes approximately seven days.

Star Plastics has the capability to match any hue, allowing our customers to expand their inventory with new levels of quality and color. Not only can we take natural polymers and color match it to your needs, we can also take pre-colored polymers and match them as well.

Colors are matched scientifically via our X-Rite Color iMatch software, a mathematical engine that helps us obtain accurate color matches even faster. The iMatch software represents the biggest upgrade to our color matching system over the past several years, as it’s able to tell new lab technicians exactly which pigments to use to start the matching process. For our 20+ year veterans, we’re able to cut the number of interactions it takes to create a custom color in half.

Most of the time we make matches from parts or pellets, but the possibilities are endless (we’ve even color matched leather before). Over the years, we have developed our color match system to keep historical data to improve our overall color database for future use. The result is consistent color lot-to-lot, box-to-box, no matter how far apart the orders are placed or how different the application or product is.

Our customers benefit from our color matching system by receiving quick turnarounds, truly custom colors, and the quality Star is known for. Interested in learning more? Contact us today at

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