Where Renewal and Reliability Meet

In response to growing consumer demand for sustainable products, manufacturers face the challenge of reducing the environmental footprints of their products without compromising performance or supply reliability. Our comprehensive line of reNova Recycled Resins is helping meet this demand – offering a comprehensive line of high-performance recycled materials, third-party validation of recycled content and a consistent supply of a wide variety of recycled content.

“Manufacturers and molders are looking for reliable partners to help meet their sustainability goals. It is one of our top priorities and responsibilities to supply our customers with high quality products and at the same time have ongoing efforts to achieve greater circularity and a lower carbon footprint,” said CEO Don Wiseman. “Our reNova product line delivers quality and consistency for customers targeting sustainability.”

Here are four important ways that Star Plastics is investing to help our customers advance their sustainability and product performance goals:

#1: Expansion of our comprehensive reNova Recycled Resins product line.
With a wide variety of materials that can be formulated with up to 100% recycled content, our reNova products offer material performance and processing comparable to virgin materials while offering a lower-carbon and lower-energy footprint.

Our extensive recycled resins product line includes general purpose and flame-retardant materials for PC, PC/ABS, ABS, nylon 6 and nylon 66 to help serve the construction, electrical and electronics, home appliance and healthcare industries. We specialize in custom colors and also are working with cold-temperature impact-modified polycarbonate for special-use applications. And in Asia, we offer information technology equipment (ITE), ocean-bound plastics (OBP) content and bio-based materials.

#2 Third-party validation of our recycled content.
It’s important that our customers’ products live up to their environmental claims to ensure consumer confidence and brand credibility. We’ve partnered with UL Solutions, a globally recognized leader in applied safety science, to audit, test and validate our environmental claims. This objective third-party validation and certification ensures that our products are what we say they are. Today, more than 25 grades have received UL Environmental (ULE) certification and the list grows every day.

#3 Quality control and technical expertise.
A common misperception of recycled content materials is that, by choosing a sustainable product, you’re sacrificing performance. At Star, we have made it our mission to ensure that our recycled content line competes with the same physical property requirements as our prime product line, so you’re not giving up quality to achieve your sustainability goals.

This begins with excellent sourcing for in-bound feedstocks and carries all the way to our in-house labs to ensure a high-quality product that delivers on both sustainability and aesthetics. From product development and customization to molding and processing support, we offer technical support every step of the way. Our rigorous testing standards and quality checks help ensure customers get the right specifications and the same product, with the lot-to-lot consistency for which we are known.

#4 Reliable supply.
Reliable supply of recycled feedstock is critical in custom-compounding to ensure that our customers can get the products they want, when they need them, and Star Plastics has been fostering partnerships with some of our suppliers for more than 30 years.

Our parent company, SDR Plastics, was founded as a post-industrial recycling company in 1988. Ten years later, Star Plastics began to take shape and became the custom compounder it is today. We continue to work with many of the same customers and suppliers 35 years later, thanks to well-established relationships built on trust. Star also sources both domestically and globally to assure supply and quality, and we use a dual-source method for any targeted material in the event that one source is not readily available.

“With reNova Recycled Resins, our customers are getting the same high-quality materials that meet the necessary physical and performance requirements, while also hitting their sustainability goals,”  Wiseman said.

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