Clocking in at 100% Inventory Accuracy

Here at Star Plastics, we pride ourselves on being an extension of our partners. We routinely hold inventory for many companies while assisting and managing the processing, fulfillment, and shipping of their compounded material.

Recently, Star had the pleasure of hosting a prominent client for a tour to conduct a full inspection of their physical inventory – material and packaging. Our team, led by Lora, Katie, and Dwaine, went above and beyond! After surveying approximately 700,000 pounds of material on the floor, an astounding 100% was accounted for. Typical percentages for reviews such as this at other facilities top out in the upper 90th percentile.

Star currently handles a large workload for said client – bagging, optical sorting, desiccant drying, screening for longs, and blending. Not only was everything accounted for, but the client’s main takeaways were the safety, accuracy, and quality of our system and material.

With so much invested in our inventory program, Star is committed to processing their orders efficiently. Major teamwork is required to make things run smoothly. How the material is stored, how it’s moved, and how it’s processed are all critical to maintaining accuracy. The customer benefits by having their material shipped faster than others, with accuracy never being an issue.

While the 100% inventory wasn’t a surprise to our team, the customer was more than impressed, stating that they had only seen a similar result once before in more than a decade of careful inspections.

“I really enjoyed our visit,” said the customer. “Having worked in warehousing/supply chain for over 15 years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place quite like Star Plastics. From those I met, to the ones I saw working on the floor/lab/testing, Star has created an amazing atmosphere which is very difficult to accomplish in today’s culture. The people there take great pride in their work. That’s one of the things I noticed after a few minutes and was confirmed repeatedly throughout our tour. All of the people there have something to be very proud of. Star Plastics has made a lasting impression on me.”

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