Star Forms Global Partnership with LATI

LATI Products Now Available in North America

On December 15 2020, Star Plastics announced a global partnership with LATI, a European manufacturer of engineering thermoplastics, with the goal of expanding material offerings in North America, Europe, and Asia.

This alliance will allow Star Plastics and LATI to service customers and broaden the sales network of LATI materials further into North America, enhancing both companies’ specialty product lines.

Benefits of the Partnership

“The alliance with LATI will extend new opportunities for our customers and our companies, driving growth and increasing exposure with markets in which we already exist,” said Doug Ritchie, President and Founder of Star Plastics, Inc.


This partnership aligns strategically with Star Plastics’ current North American and Asian customer base within the electrical, electronics, and appliance markets, as well as other applications that require engineering grade plastics, and will enhance existing material offering for both Star Plastics and LATI customers.


What Grades will be Available?


LATI material grades that will be available through Star Plastics include FR, lubricated, anti-statics, conductive materials, and other high-performance products.

“Through this partnership, we have complementary product lines in parallel markets. The Star sales team will be able to offer our customer base new solutions, and target applications in expanded markets,” says Director of Sales Chuck Hoop.


LATI’s nylon and specialty polymers focused materials are a complementary fit with Star’s PC, ABS, and PC Alloy FR materials, creating a new opportunity for both companies’ customers to expand their reach into innovative applications within existing markets. Both companies offer high-quality custom compounds, excel in custom color, and thrive on customer satisfaction.

Polymer Pyramid - LATI

 Perfectly Complementary Product Offering

“We found in Star Plastics a perfectly complementary product offering to that of LATI and the same approach to the market, based on creating solid partnerships with customers, to develop innovative solutions. This will allow both companies to expand their market reach and improve their global presence.” says Michela Conterno, CEO of LATI Industria Termoplastici SpA.


Under this agreement, LATI specialty plastic compounds will be available through Star Plastics with a focus in the US and Canada, with the same level of quality and service that both companies have a reputation for in the market.

“Together, our synergies we have a much stronger global presence and can offer a broader specialty product line,” concludes Ritchie.

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