New Cold Temperature Impact Polycarbonate at Star

This New Cold Temperature Impact PC Copolymer, as part of the StarPrime line, offers improved impact at extreme temperatures.

As a leader in custom polymer compounding technology, we’re announcing a new cold temperature impact polycarbonate. The new material is a part of the StarPrime product line, exclusive to Star Plastics, and is currently available in injection and extrusion grades, both in all colors.

Our latest innovation is a UL-certified, REACH and RoHS compliant, PC Siloxane copolymer, designed for outdoor applications. This polycarbonate can withstand extreme temperatures and provides superior impact when compare to general-purpose PC. It also features elevated RTI’s and flame retardance levels necessary for outdoor electrical applications.

“With our technical formulation capabilities, we saw the opportunity to create a UL certified product to satisfy the growing demand for cold temperature impact products, which are used in the 5G and solar markets, just to name a few,” said Chuck Hoop, Director of Sales at Star Plastics.

Also Available in Custom Colors & Small Lots

The new polycarbonate copolymer features improved processing parameters. This allows Star to support complex part designs and replace thermoset plastics in these target applications that require high-impact at cold temperatures. The improved flow of the material results in less stress in complex molded components, enhancing the overall performance. Beyond the comparative benefits of the material, we also offer the product in custom colors.

“What separates us from the other material suppliers isn’t necessarily the material itself, but our willingness and ability to produce it in smaller lot quantities, and in custom color,” said Samir Mutwalli, Senior Sales Representative at Star Plastics. “There is a growing demand for companies to brand their housings or covers in their colors, and major resin producers typically have minimum order quantities, so this provides an opportunity for us.”

In addition to offering an improved ability to withstand extreme weather through all seasons, this cold temperature impact PC also provides a more environmentally friendly solution than traditional materials, as it is recyclable.

“This technology is non-chlorinated and non-brominated, REACH and RoHS compliant, and can be reused–unlike thermosets (fiberglass) that are not able to be re-compounded. Any scrap created in the thermoforming process becomes unusable, and many times goes to landfill,” said Hoop.

This new cold temperature impact polycarbonate offering opens the door for Star Plastics’ customers in niche markets and parallel applications. It creates more opportunities in the outdoor enclosure markets, particularly in 5G, solar energy, electrical vehicles and weather monitoring stations. A case study has been put together to demonstrate the benefits of the material against traditional materials used in these fields.

Have an outdoor application that could use a little more impact strength? Our team works directly with you on products application and testing requirements to create the custom material you need. Contact us today at