Materials for Healthcare Applications to Fight COVID-19

To help in the efforts against COVID-19, the Star team has put together a list of standard products focused on healthcare applications.

These plastic compounds cut across our entire material product line, including: ABS FR, ABS GP, PC FR, PCABS FR and HIPS. Many of these polymer materials are stocked for immediate shipment, and we can complete an expedited, accurate color matches to your target in just 2-3 days.

Material Grades and Descriptions

HIPS8020-NAS1000 Injection Grade GP HIPS, Black
HIPS8020-BKS40001        Injection Grade GP HIPS, Black
ABS450FR-BKS40038 Molding Grade FR ABS, Standard Black
ABS450FR-NAS10018    Molding Grade FR ABS, Standard Natural
ABS450FR-RAL9005            Molding Grade FR ABS, RAL9005-White
PCQP7010RUV-WHS20142  FR PC, (V0@3.0mm) 10 melt, White
PCQP7010RYV-GYS30235 FR PC, (V0@3.0mm)  10 melt, Gray
PC7401(f2)-WHS20105         FR PC, (V0 and 5VA) 15 melt, White
PC/ABSFR9002-BGS80101   Molding Grade PCABS FR, (V0@1.5mm), 18 melt, Beige

Typical Applications for these Materials Include:

  • PPE masks and sub-assemblies
  • Ventilator housings
  • Vital Sign machine housings
  • Intubation Boxes

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