One Custom Material Solves Customer’s Dual Needs

Star Plastics recently supported a customer with a unique custom compounded material used to reduce the number of materials they were purchasing into one material that met all their physical property and UL requirements. They also saved money by being able to purchase one material in larger quantities.

The customer’s application is an electrical box that supports ceiling fans. They originally had two separate fiberglass-filled products for the support box; one required more strength and dimensional stability, and the other needed more ductility.

The originally specified materials were designed with two different amounts of fiberglass.  Fiberglass in a material affects the molded products strength and flexibility; too much fiberglass causes a material to be brittle, while too little fiberglass allows too much elasticity and give.

We started with a PCQP7000s product and modified it to fit their needs.  Our lab worked directly with the captive OEM to learn about the application, and then later followed the material through the testing and final UL approval. For example, the material had to be rated for a specific weight over time, so our technology group created a material that would pass the ‘hanging rate test’ before it went through to our customer.

We developed a material with the balance of strength and ductility to maintain the molded product’s dimensional stability and integrity. The Star team dialed into these needs and created a single unique product that satisfied both applications needs and passed the customer’s internal and external testing.

Have an application with unique needs? Our team works directly with you on products application and testing requirements to create the custom material you need. Contact us today.

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