Finally, A Sustainable High-Performance Material.

Star Plastics, Inc. launches ReStart, a high-performance and UL-recognized material product line that contains 35 to 50 percent recycled content, ideal for customers looking to satisfy their sustainability initiatives.

With roots as a recycling company, recycling and sustainability have always been at the core of our business. ReStart exemplifies how Star has expanded from the foundation of our past and continues to make a global impact in plastics.

“We are skilled in qualifying various recycled material feed-streams,” said James Holland, technical lead at Star Plastics, who was instrumental in developing the ReStart line. “The Star team understands the physical and performance characteristics, and have the ability to find their value as feedstock.”

The ReStart product line is an opportunity for companies to reduce waste, meet sustainability objectives and deliver a quality part. While many companies have looked to increase their corporate responsibility, amid this time of growing environmental awareness, these solutions have often lacked in performance or have come with a bigger cost.

“Sustainability has not always equated with value or high-performance, but with all the pressures on the plastics industry in regards to environmental issues, we decided to be a part of the solution,” said Chuck Hoop, director of sales at Star Plastics.

The ReStart line serves to function electronics, lawn and garden, household appliances and any other application that typically requires PC, PC FR, ABS or PCABS materials. In line with Star Plastics standards, the recycled content follows the strict behaviors and controlled ranges of prime materials. The material can be customizable to all colors too.

Star Plastics is not the only one excited about the new line, as multiple industry news outlets have highlighted the product launch, including Plastics News, Plastics Recycling Update, Plastics Technology and E-Scrap News.

The ReStart product line was featured at PLASTICS 2019 Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit as part of the Sustainability Innovation Awards in the materials category. This category focused on innovation in or the use of bioplastics, recycled content or upcycling additives. Dell won the Innovation Award in the materials category for using recycled content in their notebook computers. However, the ReStart line nearly won the conference attendee’s People’s Choice Award, finishing as the first runner-up, only behind the winning submission by one vote.

ReStart is the fourth material line to join Star’s product offering, which includes StarPrime, ValuPak and EcoPlas. Want to learn more about ReStart? Contact us today!