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Star Plastics Renovates Offices, Adding Customer Areas with Sustainability in Mind

Ravenswood, West Virginia – April 18, 2024­ – Star Plastics, an industry leading custom compounder of engineering-grade thermoplastics recently completed office renovations at its plants in Ravenswood and Millwood, West Virginia. The updates were made to accommodate more visits from customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

At Ravenswood, Star has added new offices and a customer conference room on the south side of its plant. At both the Millwood and Ravenswood locations, the offices and facilities were renovated including the use of new energy efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures along with motion-sensing lighting equipment.

“This is an exciting time for Star Plastics, when we’re modernizing our offices as we experience continued growth,” said Luke Schindler, director of business development. “This will make a big difference for our employees, and we’ll be proud to welcome customers, suppliers, and other guests to our facilities. And we’re doing it all with sustainability in mind.”

As part of the renovations, each conference room, training room and lunchroom at both plants is equipped with high-definition monitors and easy-to-use computer connections. The renovations have been in the works for two years.

“These are the first office renovations at our plant offices since the 1990’s, so we’re excited about the impact this will have not only on ourselves, but our customers and our communities,” said Schindler.

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About Star Plastics – Star Plastics creates custom compounds for engineering-grade thermoplastics with special emphasis on recycled and UL-approved materials. Its Orion ™ engineered resins are made from prime materials and offer high-performance, custom design and functionality such as UV protection, flame retardants and custom color. Its reNova™ line of recycled-content resins, including third-party validated materials, helps customers meet their sustainability goals. The company serves a variety of industries including consumer electronics, electrical, lighting, appliances transportation, packaging, furniture, industrial and telecommunications. The company maintains plants in Ravenswood and Millwood, West Virginia with manufacturing worldwide.

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