Our New Brand Pillars

Why Star Plastics Is Star Plastics

Today marks an important milestone for Star Plastics – and, we believe, for our customers. We unveiled our new brand identities for our product lines – reNova™ Recycled-Content Resins and Orion™ Engineered Resins. At the same time, we also are sharing our updated brand pillars and progress on our sustainability journey. These actions are a key part of the next phase in our strategic growth journey and reflect the important ways we are evolving to serve our customers.

Our Journey of Growth: Recent Milestones

Since 1988, Star Plastics has grown from a recycling company to one of the highest-quality producers of custom compounds in North America. Today, we continue to invest to meet our customers’ evolving needs: in new equipment to grow our capacity and product capabilities, and in new partnerships and technologies to grow our product offerings and help our customers advance sustainability goals and contribute to a circular economy.

As we advance our growth strategy, we are taking this opportunity to evolve our brand in order to better communicate the breadth of our expertise and investments for growth. In doing this, one of the questions we asked ourselves is: What sets Star Plastics apart? Why do customers count on us?

Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts into creating new brand pillars that accurately depict who we are as a team. We think these five points of competitive advantage embody our commitment to quality, service and innovation.

View our video about our new brand pillars.Star Brand Pillars

We are excited about our rebranding and will be sharing more about our journey in the weeks to come.

We are even more excited about what our rebranding represents. It represents how we are committed to grow and evolve, in collaboration with our customers, to develop products that help meet the requirements of their most demanding applications and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

We Want to Hear from You

We appreciate your business and being a valued partner to Star Plastics. Please contact us at or your local Star Plastics representative if you have any questions or feedback. We look forward to working with you well into the future as we evolve and grow.