A Deeper Look into Star Product Lines

When customers work with Star Plastics, they know the material will perform and deliver the results they expect. Our material goes through multiple quality checkpoints to ensure customers get the right specifications, and the same product every time with the lot-to-lot consistency for which we are known.

Star is here to provide flexibility with performance, property, and price when customers choose the right product line for a project’s needs. Star has four lines specialized for different project requirements from eco-forward-material to budget friendly solutions:

  • StarPrime – Applications that require stringent high-quality part performance and flexibility are made for StarPrime. Known for its lot-to-lot consistency, serving value to customers when using Star’s home-produced material. Available in any color, UL-recognized, and ready to be customized to customers’ needs.
  • ReStart – a North American product offer with up to 50% of recycled-content integrated into ReStart resin, producing performance comparable to virgin engineering grade resin. ReStart is Star’s sustainable line that not only makes sustainability easy, but has flexible color and material choices for industrial and everyday applications.
  • EcoTech – Environmentally friendly initiatives are achieved through EcoTech with manufacturing focused in Asia. The EcoTech line utilizes a variety of recycled-content streams, offering ocean bound,  post-consumer, water bottle, and post-industrial sources of material. With 3rd party verification this line is flexible for many application requirements giving customers peace of mind.
  • ValuPak – Customers with strict budgets can benefit from ValuPak as Star’s more cost-effective line. ValuPak offers customers flexibility with products requiring less performance or dunnage points and where costing is a higher priority. Quality work does not have to break the bank.

From working with customers’ existing tooling, OEMs’ new products, or coming to improve on existing material, Star provides a custom solution no matter the project or specifications.


StarPrime is a customized high-performance compound with stringent specifications and UL-Recognition. This line focuses primarily on:

  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate
  • PC Alloys & PBT materials

These materials are available in all colors while saving money, time, and energy through eliminating overruns, color concentrates, and natural plus concentrates. Not only is color a significant factor, but Star Prime competes with big names in quality and price. Our specifications are strict for physical properties like melt flow, notched izod and UL recognition for flame retardancy, elevated RTI’s, and (f1) for superior outdoor weathering. When customers need a high-performance prime alternative, this line serves market requirements for specific performance features in the end product application. When choosing StarPrime, as with all Star materials, Star guarantees quality and high performance every time.

What Star Prime Offers:

  • UL-recognition
  • Custom high-performance compound
  • Available in any color
  • Materials: ABS, Polycarbonate, PCABS, PC Alloys and PBT


For customers looking to utilize an environmentally friendly resin that’s sourced sustainably, ReStart is the product line to use. With a range of 35% – 50% of recycled material integrated into the resin, the final product provides high-quality engineering-grade performance, able to compete with that offered by virgin resin.

ReStart’s high-performance characteristics allow for specification in higher-end applications, letting customers with sustainability initiatives specify the material with confidence in their tooling. The material options range from:

  • PC
  • ABS
  • ALL With custom color and FR options

Alongside UL recognition, including higher RTI’s and (f1) ratings, ReStart is available in all color options. These materials can be used in the same applications that StarPrime is specified, including housing, electronics, sporting, consumer, and leisure applications. Star makes it easy to be environmentally responsible without sacrificing part performance.

What ReStart Offers:

  • Sustainability
  • 50% recycled content
  • UL-recognized
  • Custom colors
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, ABS, PCABS, and FR options


EcoTech is Star’s sustainable product line available in custom colors, designed to provide quality material and durability while lowering your carbon footprint. Materials available in the EcoTech product line include:

  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate
  • PP

EcoTech is a recycled content line supported by third-party ULE recognition and specified in post-consumer, pre-consumer, and ocean-bound recycled content. These custom compounds are high-performance, with compounded recycled material that can reach up to 100%. Production of EcoTech can be compounded, sourced, and manufactured in Asia or North America. We give our customers the flexibility to choose.

What EcoTech Offers:

  • Certified Recycled-Content Source Material
  • Manufacturing in Asia or North America
  • Colors: custom colors
  • Materials: ABS, Polycarbonate & PP


When a customer has a new project on a budget or needs to manufacture a part requiring less performance or dunnage points, then ValuPak is the preferred choice. ValuPak is Star’s most cost-effective compound that is readily available in the following resin materials:

  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS
  • HIPS, and PBT

ValuPak offers materials with broad specifications for applications that don’t require the highest performance, making application performance less critical and a larger range for melt flow at +/-2.5 mfi points. This line offers flexibility with range flow, as well as color options from darker shades to warm earth tones. Excellent product performance doesn’t have to cost a fortune – at Star, we ensure customers receive quality products at cost-competitive pricing.

What ValuPak Offers:

  • Cost-Efficiency
  • UL recognized
  • Multiple colors available: Dark tones and earth tones
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, ABS, PCABS, HIPS & PBT

In a World of Resin Compounders, You Only Need One Star

We are proud to provide quality material for any product application. Star develops the right formulation material for specific applications with lot-to-lot consistency, producing application longevity and customer satisfaction. We design, test, and process materials for multiple industries delivering services customers can depend on with a full-service lab. Star’s team of experts is responsive to customer needs and has a high product knowledge with technical aptitude. Star relentlessly serves customers in the industry with a reputation of exceeding their expectations.

Need help on your next project? Contact us to see what Star line is best for you!